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Infamous Ransom Hacker Gang REvil/Sodin Claim Responsibility for Cyber Attack Against UnitingCare.

Hackers declaring culpability for a cyber-attack on care provider UnitingCare Queensland have been confirmed as one of the largest and far-reaching cyber ransom groups in the world. Hospitals in Australia and New Zealand have fallen victim to a huge cyber...

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Travelex Ransomware Attack: Sodinokibi Is Here With A New Tactic

“Ooops, your files are encrypted! Don’t worry - you can restore them; all you need to do is send $500 to the following address....” The words that have been striking the fear in average computer users since the 1980s! Yes,...

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Cyber Threats: Queensland Government May Be The Next Victim!

The expanding loopholes in cyber defenses put sensitive data at risk, exhilarating the degree of damage due to malicious cyberattacks. A recent study states that almost 230,000 malware samples are produced by hackers every day; this number will continue to...

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Ransomware Hits Healthcare, Again!

Since years, cyberattacks have been targeting a specific industry – HEALTHCARE! As pointed out in our OAIC’s Quarterly Breach Statistics Report, healthcare experienced a dramatically higher number of cyber incidents with about 47 (19 percent) notifiable data breaches within the...

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How A Ransomware Attack Cost Norsk Hydro £45 Million 

What Is A Ransomware Ransomware, one of the increasing malware cyberthreat of the 21st century, endangers enterprises and public organizations throughout the world. An unusually destructive and evolving variety of malicious software, it affects mobile devices and computers, frequently expanding...

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