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How Privacy-Preserving Tech Empowers You Online

The internet, a powerful tool that has transformed the way we live, provides us with unmatched access to information, connection, and opportunity. But in this digital world, there is an ongoing danger: our personal data can be gathered—not just for...

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Why Zero Trust Security Framework is Essential in Today’s Digital Landscape

The idea behind Zero Trust Security is straightforward: do not trust, always verify. This implies that each user should be confirmed prior to getting permission for any resource they seek. Each request made by every user, whether from inside or...

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Top Small Business Cybersecurity Misconceptions That No One Will Tell You

Small businesses are at the core of America’s economy. Nearly half of the employees in this nation have jobs at places that employ less than 500 people, not even considering the 27 million owners of small businesses who work by...

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Directors Should Be Accountable for Cybersecurity Incidents – Says ASIC

With cybercrime rearing its ugly head again and again, the watchdog ASIC has its job cut out. The chair of the regulator says in no uncertain terms that directors need to ensure their companies have adequate cybersecurity mechanisms to thwart...

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