Managed Security Services


Why Should You Opt for Managed Security Services?

The overwhelming amount of cyber threats targeting businesses today are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In this threat landscape, traditional practices involving firewalls and anti-virus software are not enough to protect your business against these threats. Moreover, a vast majority of businesses today lack the necessary competencies or resources to handle their cybersecurity in-house.

These gaps and inconsistencies in security systems leave millions of businesses vulnerable to attack. To manage the gaps and inconsistencies in their security systems, businesses need to invest in managed security services (MSS). Our MSS is a comprehensive security solution that provides continuous, live monitoring of your system, at every moment of every day, not only detecting attacks or other threats such as malware and virus infiltration, but launching effective counter measures to terminate these attacks before they are successful in penetrating your system.

Our managed security services encompass the following:

Network monitoring

This involves the identification of information assets critical to your business and the evaluation of effectiveness of your current network security. Once this is completed, we will implement 24/7 Live security monitoring of your network and establish effective, real-time countermeasures to defend your system against potential attacks.

Incident response

In the event of an incident, our security experts will work with your IT department to contain the incident, provide your IT team with actionable intelligence to enable better protection your network, and ensure the effective prevention of similar breaches and vulnerabilities in the future.

Professional phishing and malware monitoring

This is a two-stage process, which involves 24×7 monitoring and detection of phishing and pharming attacks, and subsequent response and prevention of these threats. The monitoring and detection are accomplished through proactive detection mechanisms which monitor domain registrations, ISP’s email accounts, global forums, industry phish reports, customer-to-vendor feed abuse-mailbox and weblogs, and much more. Our response and prevention procedures include the shutdown of identified phishing websites, email accounts and pharming attacks, as well as the implementation of counter-measures to feed dummy data to attackers and tracking them though Phish tagging and automated submission of tracking credentials to prevent these attackers from targeting your systems in the future.

On-demand or scheduled vulnerability scanning

The custom-built vulnerability management portal of our managed security services allows you to choose the frequency and intensity of scanning of your essential system assets, to ensure that your public-facing IP addresses are being monitored on a regular basis for any vulnerabilities. In addition, our portal allows you to track issues, update when they have been fixed, or mark certain issues as false positives.

The benefits of investing in professional security management services are numerous and far reaching, just as the negative consequences of not having adequate threat management in place for your business could be catastrophic.

Professional Security: Our managed security service provides a comprehensive threat defence that gives you a peace of mind through continuous business protection, day and night.

Minimize Risk: Our multi-layered approach to managed security will help you minimise the costs of business disruption, loss of data, and potential legal implications associated with loss of confidential information.

Cost Effective: Cybernetic Global Intelligence security solutions come with no hidden costs to assist with your operational planning and free up your IT resources to be redeployed where you need them most.

Our MSS Team

Our security monitoring experts possess GCIA and GCFA certifications and have the capabilities to analyse incidents, deal with false positives, and respond appropriately to critical events. These managed security solutions offer you a peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on your business and what you do best. Here at Cybernetic Global Intelligence, we provide comprehensive, flexible solutions at competitive prices to suit any business needs. Get serious about your business and protect what matters. Speak to one of our experts about your security needs today.

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