Mobile Application Penetration Testing

What is Mobile Application Penetration Testing?

The method of Mobile Application Penetration Testing is used to test mobile applications for security flaws, malicious activity, and other privacy issues before hackers take advantage of them to get and improperly handle important and sensitive data. By carefully examining the mobile apps to identify weaknesses, the mobile app security test contributes to the enhancement of the security of mobile complexes inside general. Pen testers ensure mobile apps stay safe and stop unwanted access by imitating real-world cyber attackers. By using mobile application penetration testing, you can be sure that all your applications are safe and that no unauthorized users are accessing your private information. In order to find vulnerabilities in mobile applications and prevent them from being exploited, Cybernetic GI offers expert mobile penetration testing services. We do this by using a thorough strategy that combines manual testing and automated techniques.


Why is Mobile Application Penetration Testing Required?

Around the world, the mobile application sectors have seen tremendous transformation. Together, the Google Play Store and Apple App Store provide over 6 million mobile apps. Users of mobile apps increasingly want to feel safe when using the apps because of the increase in cyberattacks and crimes.

Hence, verified mobile security testing for all app components is necessary for organizations. The keys to a successful mobile app pen test include years of experience, excellent client service, flexible scheduling, and quick turnaround times. These essential components enable a threat-based strategy, extensive testing using several analytic kinds, and support for fixing and validating any problems found.


Top 10 Mobile Application Vulnerabilities:

M1: Improper Credential Usage
M2: Inadequate Supply Chain Security
M3: Insecure Authentication/Authorization
M4: Insufficient Input/Output Validation
M5: Insecure Communication
M6: Inadequate Privacy Controls
M7: Insufficient Binary Protections
M8: Security Misconfiguration
M9: Insecure Data Storage
M10: Insufficient Cryptography

How can Cybernetic GI Help You In?

  • Protect the mobile application.
  • Locate and monitor weaknesses.
  • Assist you in addressing the weakness.
  • Support you in adhering to standards and regulations

Why Cybernetic GI?


  • We have tested over 2,000 mobile applications and have over ten years of expertise in mobile app pen-testing.
  • We have seasoned, knowledgeable pen testers on our team.
  • Hundreds of businesses have established effective mobile app pen testing programs with the assistance of our specialists.
  • Counted among the most demanding companies in the world across a variety of industries, including software development, retail, healthcare, insurance, government, and non-profits.

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