Red Team Assessment


Fortify Your Security with Advanced Penetration Red Team Testing

RED TEAM TESTING is where a group of white Hat Hackers will attack an organization’s infrastructure just like any Hacker would to gain information from organization’s using every available information source and knowledge using the same methodologies as the Hackers. The use of cyber red teams provides a “real-world attack simulations on your organization designed to test the effectiveness of your organizations from being Hacked by cyber criminals. Advanced Penetration Red Team Testing assesses and significantly improves the effectiveness of an entire information security” Programme”. Organizations who use Cyber Red teams to conduct adversarial assessments on their own networks largely reduce the risk of a breach.

Choose Our Highly Accredited Advanced Penetration Red Team Testing Services

Cybernetic Global Intelligence Red teams are certified and accredited by CREST, OSCP, CISSP, CISM, CISA, CEH, SANS, GIAC, PCI DSS and CoRBIT5, our technical staff are at the very top of their field when it comes to Advanced penetration Red Team Testing. Red Team Testing This certification and accreditation empowers CGI red teams to conduct the adversarial assessments on operational networks, testing implemented security controls and identifying vulnerabilities within the information systems. These cyber red teams are the “core of cyber security for any organization that wants to ensure their cyber security systems are compliant and can assure their clients and customers of their compliance.

  • Provides Assurance for your organization
  • Identifies gaps and vulnerabilities within your business infrastructure and software systems
  • Helps organizations understand the weak links that exist in their business
  • Greatly reduces the risk of getting breached
  • Highlights and justifies the viability of cyber security investment the organization has invested in protecting their data
  • Identifies weakness and developments required in your current systems
  • Helps organizations in ensuring they are meeting the cyber security mandatory regulations in the countries they are operating.
  • Helps organizations in securing new business globally and with Government Departments.

Three Mistakes you don’t want to make:

  1. A common mistake is assuming your existing security software and MSP or Cloud Provider is keeping your data safe. Your IT staff and Managed Service providers have basic knowledge of security systems, not the specialist knowledge required for your data protection and checks done during Red Team Testing.
  2. Be aware your current insurance may not be valid if you have not implemented sufficient data security measures and testing on your infrastructure to provide as evidence to your insurer and meeting compliance requirements.
  3. Don’t imagine that a data breach may go unnoticed. You will be fined! It’s the Law Now Mandatory Data Breach Reporting.
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