Our Digital Forensics Service

Our Digital Forensics service involves the use of scientifically derived and proven methods for recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices. This encompasses preservation, collection, validation, analysis, interpretation, documentation and presentation of digital evidence. We can extract evidence from multiple digital sources including flash drives and hard drives, as well as CDs, DVDs, audio/video tapes, and many more.Data acquired though digital forensics can serve as corroborating evidence in civil or criminal cases to refute or support claims involving the use of digital equipment. The most common use of this is the recovery of erased digital evidence required by prosecutors or defendants in all types of litigation, including criminal defence cases, intellectual property matters, financial fraud and others.  Our Digital Forensics service can also be used by companies investigating internal breaches or external intrusions.

At Cybernetic Global Intelligence we specialise in the following types of digital forensics:

1. Computer forensics

The purpose of computer forensics is to obtain evidence from various computer systems, storage mediums or electronic documents. Throughout  the course of our investigations we can obtain  a wide range of information including: system and file transfer logs; internet browsing history; email and text communication logs;  hidden, deleted, temporary and password-protected files; sensitive documents and spreadsheets, and many more.

2. Mobile device forensics

Mobile device forensics involves the recovery of digital evidence or data from mobile devices. This can    include call and communications data such as call logs, test messages and in-app communication via WhatsApp, WeChat, etc, as well as location information via inbuilt GPS or cell site logs.

3. Network forensics

The purpose of Network forensics is to monitor and analyse computer network traffic, including LAN/WAN and internet traffic, with the aim of gathering information, collecting evidence, or detecting and determining the extent of intrusions and the amount of compromised data.

4. Forensic data analysis

During Forensic Data Analysis, we work closely with Certified Fraud Examiners to examine structured data in order to discover and analyse patterns of fraudulent activities resulting from financial crime.

5. Database forensics

Database forensics is concerned with the forensic study of databases and their metadata. During our investigations, we can use information from database contents, log files and in-RAM data to create timelines or recover pertinent information.

How We Can Help

At Cybernetic Global Intelligence we have a dedicated team committed to assisting you with any digital forensics need. We are able to co-operate with relevant law enforcement authorities or legal entities in order to assist them in acquiring the necessary evidence and information and play a vital role in internal corporate investigations for many of our clients.

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