Telecom Security

In the rush to increase market share and reduce costs, telecom security is often overlooked or kept on the backburner. However, cybercriminals don’t care for such economic realities, and they have begun to increasingly target telecom infrastructure.

This combined with increasing regulations towards telecom security have created quite a challenge that telecommunication companies are seeking to address. Traditional threats such as war dealing and toll fraud are still a problem, yet now are joined by threats such as registration high jacking and denial of service (DoS) attacks, which telecom providers are simply not able to prevent on their own.

At Cybernetic Global Intelligence we provide custom and cost effective solutions to help mitigate security threats and provide clarity to top management and security teams. We can also work with you IT department to implement solutions such as SIEM and Cyber-Ark to address specific challenges.

Common Threats We Can Help Prevent with Telecom Security

Major threats to telecom security usually fall into the following categories:

  1. Phone Fraud – Toll Fraud, Cramming, Telemarketing fraud, War dialing and so on
  2. Theft – Data theft, network abuse, illegal data interception, unauthorized data modification (in billing or routing based processes)
  3. Malware – Viruses, trojan horse
  4. Spam – Sending Spam messages via SMS, MMS
  5. Denial of Service attacks – Request flooding, DoS attacks against network infrastructure.
  6. Data leakage – Penetrating billing and CRM systems to extract customer data

At Cybernetic Global Intelligence, we suggest recommended controls and techniques for mitigating identified security threats.Through our quality security test reports, which provide clarity to top management and help prioritize actions for the security teamin taking the recommended steps for threat aversion and risk mitigation.

Further, we can work with your IT and network teams to help implement security solutions such as Cyber-Ark, SIEM, Web Application Firewalls, and others to address specific security challenges.

We Offer Telecom Security Assessment Services in the Following Domains:

  • LTE Equipment security testing
  • GSM Internet Data Access Pen-testing
  • GPRS Internet Data Pen-testing
  • SMS Spoofing and POC
  • Lawful Interception System/Gateway Security Telecom Security Audits
  • IVR Security Testing
  • Telecom SAP Implementation Security Assessment
  • X.25 Security Audit
  • SS7 Gateways & Process Security Review
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