SCADA Security

Analysing Your SCADA Security Systems

SCADA security systems often have a life span of decades, which means whatever original security measures they have been developed with are long outdated. It is important to your overall IT Security that as SCADA security systems become integrated with modern technology and internet access, that the threat to these systems is immediately assessed and patched.

SCADA security is an integral part of ensuring the integrity of commands and that uptime availability is not compromised. Due to the minimal tolerance SCADA systems have for latency in their communications, scanning for network vulnerability and holes in cyber security is a necessity to ensure your business is safe from attack.

Cybernetic Global Intelligence works with many businesses to help them meet challenging monitoring and control requirements. As regulation around reliability and security of services is increasing, a robust yet cost-effective analysis of your SCADA system is essential to meet the demands placed on your business. Our SCADA specialists will identify any potential gaps and weaknesses in your business’ existing defenses, technologies, information handling processes, user practices and other critical areas, and help you determine the most cost-effective actions to mitigate or reduce these security threats.

Benefits of SCADA Security

Protect Your Business From Disruption: SCADA systems are mission critical in many businesses which means if they are compromised then operation must shut down while the issue is resolved and security measures are taken, creating delays, loss of revenue and large expenses to fix the system.

Protect Your Reputation: Incidents involving critical infrastructure attract significant attention from the media due to the impact these services have on our everyday lives. An exploitation of your SCADA system, even if not critical, can result in serious damage to your reputation and negative impacts on operational and business viability.

Reduce Risk: Vulnerabilities in SCADA systems can lead to dangerous exploitations that create physical damage to infrastructure and personnel. Reduce your risk and improve regulation compliance by ensuring you are providing a safe and secure environment for your employees and stack holders.

Our SCADA Specialists

Our team of dedicated SCADA Security experts follow a meticulous procedure that has a strong track record to ensure nothing is overlooked when performing your SCADA security tests. Our proven methodologies for conducting penetration tests and vulnerability assessments on SCADA systems ensure clients receive compliance in regulatory frameworks and standards such as: ICS-CERT, DoE (Department of Energy), DHS (Department of Homeland Security), NIST SP 800-82 Rev 1, NIST SP 800-53 Rev 4, TR99.00.02 and ENISA guidelines for ICS systems, National ICS Security Standard, Qatar etc.

One of a Kind Protection: Our SCADA team will use various tools to guarantee your assessment will be conducted using the best tools on the market, as well as Nmap, Nessus, Super scan etc.

How We Perform a SCADA Analysis

At Cybernetic Global Intelligence we have a rigorous and proven methodology to help ensure our clients are getting absolutely the best testing available on the market.

Snapshot of Our Methodology 

  1. Follow National Institue of Standanrds and Technology (NIST), Department of Energy (DoE), Department of Homeland Securit (DHS) security guidelines for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) risk assessment.
  2. Review existing policy and procedures, and assist in developing a new policy and procedure as per the global best practices for ICS.
  3. Site survey conducted thorough on onsite visit. This will help us to understand how the ICS are being utilized.
  4. Perform network diagram review on site visit.
  5. Risk based Assessment which will combine Automated and Manual assessment as ICS components are prone to crash.
  6. Report immediately to the stakeholders about any critical issue found during the assessment process.
  7. Post assessment, we will submit a detailed report to the management for their input.
  8. Once approved by management, we will release the final report.
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