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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is a set of rules for EU citizens providing them more control over their personal data in today’s digital economy. Under GDPR, regulations organisations have to ensure.

Managed Security Services

Live monitoring by IT Security specialists gives an unprecedented view into attacks, providing threat data and real-time analysis to provide powerful protection.

ISO 27001: Security In Securing Business Information

ISO 27001 is systematic approach to managing the security of sensitive information and is designed to identify, manage and reduce the range of threats to which your information is regularly subjected.

IT Security Audits

Our Risk Assessment Security Audits are based on industry-accepted standards such as, CoBIT, and legal requirements specific to the industry and country.

Red Team Testing

Red Team Testing performed by our cybersecurity consulting company assess and significantly improves the effectiveness of entire information security measures in organisations.

PCI Compliance

Cybernetic Global Intelligence provides consulting and PCI compliance certification services to comply with and audit the PCI DSS standard.

SCADA Security

Let us ensure your business is in a secure and compliant state by reducing the risk of data breaches and help you avoid becoming liable.

Penetration Testing

At Cybernetic Global Intelligence we specialise in a full spectrum of penetration testing capabilities starting from information gathering, foot-printing, vulnerability assessment, exploitation, and reporting.

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We believe every business deserves access to high-quality professional for cyber security consulting services, that will allow them to focus on their day-to-day operations, without the need to divert valuable time and effort to worry about cyber treats.

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Choosing the right cyber security consultant can get overwhelming. Download our Service Info Kit to get a breakdown of our main cyber security services to help you make the right choice.

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  • ACSC Essential Eight
  • APRA CPS 234
  • APRA Prudential Standard CPS 234 Information Security
  • Compliance Management
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Highly Recommended Services
  • Information Security Manual
  • ISO 27001: Security In Securing Business Information
  • Protective Security Policy Framework
  • PSPF
  • Red Team Testing
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  • Threat Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment

ACSC : Essential Eight

ACSC Essential Eight

ISO 27001: Information Security Management System

ISO 27001: Security In Securing Business Information

APRA Prudential Standard CPS 234

APRA Prudential Standard CPS 234 Information Security

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation

Cyber Risk Management

Compliance Management

Red Team Assessment

Red Team Testing

Telecom Security

Threat Management

Incident Response Plan

Threat Management

Digital Forensics

Threat Management


  • Being a major financial institute meeting our cybersecurity compliance is key for our business and for customer confidence. The support and knowledge shared by Cybernetic Global Intelligence in attaining our compliance were greatly appreciated by our security team and Board of Directors.

    CISO - Major Financial Institute Australia
  • I recently worked with CYBERNETIC GI on a PCI-DSS project. My organization has been PCI-DSS certified for over 4 years. Our scope for PCI Compliance is very large and tedious due to the nature of our business and services we provide our clients with. It is a challenging task for our team to maintain our PCI-DSS compliance. I got an opportunity to work with Cybernetic GI cyber team (PCI-DSS QSA, CISO). They are an excellent team to work with as they bring in vast experience of PCI-DSS domain. They have provided us with excellent recommendations to reduce our scope. We successfully drastically reduced our scope of works and yet complied to the required PCIDSS standards which greatly helped our inhouse team in maintaining the standards for our PCIDSS Audit requirements. I’m greatly thankful and really impressed with Cybernetic GI cyber team. I highly recommend CYBERNETIC GI to any business for PCI DSS certification requirement and cyber security services.

    Travel and Aviation Company Australia & NZ
  • CYBERNETIC GI team really are experts in the field of cyber security. They are flexible in meeting our needs and listening to our challenges.  I greatly appreciate Cybernetic GI cyber team and hands on support from Manish (CISO) they listened and responded to our needs and provided us with numerous options and solutions meeting cyber compliance required standards for our business and without straining our business budgets. I highly recommend Cybernetic GI to any business seeking cyber security services.

    Not- For Profit International Charity
  • We conduct quarterly VAPT and Web Application PT (WAPT) every six months. We engaged multiple vendors to perform VAPT and WAPT. We were so impressed to see the reports submitted by CYBERNETIC GI team. CYBERNETIC GI team reported vulnerabilities which our previous vendors failed to detect. CYBERNETIC GI's manual testing is what made the key difference. Previous vendors mentioned manual testing, yet they were never performed. CYBERNETIC GI is our only preferred vendor and cyber security company we have trust confidence with. Thanks, Cybernetic GI team for all your timeless support

    Online Retail Outlet ANZ
  • We had a great experience working alongside Cybernetic Intelligence. As a growing payments processor, our requirement was to maintain PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance. After our initial consultation, Cybernetic Intelligence was able to offer us an in-depth and wide range of knowledge as well as provide insight and answers to a lot of the questions we had around the security standard. Going through our audit was a smooth process and Manish, our PCI auditor, was able to offer up solutions and provide solid feedback around some of our hurdles. We look forward to working with Cybernetic Intelligence as we continue our on-going journey of PCI DSS.

    Project Manager
    CTO Financial Institute Australia
  • We engaged CYBERNETIC GI to review and update our information security policy documentation. Our company was provided with full set of information security policies that were clearly detailed for our business and our people and meeting the requirements of globally accepted cyber security standards. We are very happy with their services and looking forward to working with them in all our upcoming cyber security projects.

    IT Manager
    Logistics company Australia & NZ
  • CYBERNETIC GI cyber experts are well informed in the cybersecurity industry; they really know what they are doing. They keep our systems updated, compliant, and ahead of the cyber curve. Ever since we have started working with CYBERNETIC GI, our cyber security strategy is more effective in responding to threats and our security posture has improved greatly. The cyber team at Cybernetic GI providing us with the virtual CISO services have saved our business the need to hire cyber team to fill the positions in meeting our companies cyber security compliance requirements to global standards.

    SMB Manufacturing & Engineering Company- Australia
  • We recently got PCI-DSS certified. I am thankful to Cybernetic GI cyber team and their (PCI DSS QSA) for all their efforts. Their guidance and mentoring made our PCI-DSS journey smooth. We had very bad experience with our initial PCIDSS QSA vendor. We were 8 months behind on promised scope of works by our ex-QSA and we were clueless. We appointed CYBERNETIC GI, CISO Manish took charge of entire project, and we achieved PCI-DSS within 6 months. Thanks Manish and to the Cybernetic GI cyber security team

    ICT Manager Australia
    Banking & Finance
  • On behalf of our Board & Executive Management, I would like to thank Cybernetic Global Intelligence for your professional Cyber Security monitoring throughout the APEC Leaders Summit. Your favourable understanding, sensitivity and professional services to what was requested, is very much appreciated.

    General Manager
    Information Technology |Telikom PNG Limited
  • We have been ISO 27001 certified since last 6 years. This year we awarded ISO 27001 contract to CYBERNETIC GI, and it was eye opener for us. Many thanks to CYBERNETIC GI team for their valuable guidance throughout the project. I would like to thank their CISO Manish for all his time and support in working with our team in meeting the project deadlines.

    Data Centre- Australia

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