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Kaseya Ransomware Attack- 2

In the previous installation, we delved into the history of the primary victim, Kaseya and the bad actors, REvil. From previous exploits to the final and most devastating one, REvil is and will continue to be a force to reckon...

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Kaseya Ransomware Attack – 1

In 2019, Cybernetic Global Intelligence had warned about REvil. Refer to our previous blog on GandCrab ransomware: Is it back under a new REvil guise? The fourth of July celebrations in America this year were slightly different for around 1500 organizations...

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Infamous Ransom Hacker Gang REvil/Sodin Claim Responsibility for Cyber Attack Against UnitingCare.

Hackers declaring culpability for a cyber-attack on care provider UnitingCare Queensland have been confirmed as one of the largest and far-reaching cyber ransom groups in the world. Hospitals in Australia and New Zealand have fallen victim to a huge cyber...

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Australian organizations are continually failing to fend off ‘inevitable’ and costly cyber-attacks!

Australian organizations are continually failing to fend off ‘inevitable’ and costly cyber-attacks! Watchdog rips into NZX for repeated tech fails & OAIC finds 'multiple' Australian companies downplaying data breaches. A recent study has reported that Australian businesses and organizations are...

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Ransomware Activity Targeting the Healthcare and Public Health Sector (AA20-302A)

During COVID 19 pandemic, cybersecurity attacks related news have been followed more after COVID news. We have seen cyber criminals have responded to the crisis in different ways. Across the globe, we have seen a sudden rise in ransomware attacks....

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Woman Dies During A Ransomware Attack On Dusseldorf Hospital

It may be the first death directly connected to a cybersecurity attack. During a ransomware attack on Duesseldorf University Hospital, a woman in Germany died in what may be the first death directly linked to a hospital cyber - attack....

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