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Ransomware Activity Targeting the Healthcare and Public Health Sector (AA20-302A)

During COVID 19 pandemic, cybersecurity attacks related news have been followed more after COVID news. We have seen cyber criminals have responded to the crisis in different ways. Across the globe, we have seen a sudden rise in ransomware attacks....

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Australia Cyber Attacks: How to mend the loopholes on ‘sophisticated’ Cyber Hacks

The Federal Government of Australia is reacting to a cyber assault that threatens Australian governments and firms across a wide range of industries. On Friday 19 June, Prime Minister Scott Morrison reported that a "sophisticated state-based cyber hacker" is targeting...

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Cybercrime Spikes During COVID-19

Everyone around the world is in a panic about COVID-19. Cybercriminals are worsening the situation. They are taking advantage of coronavirus to exploit and play on the fears of people across the world. Government agencies have been receiving thousands of...

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Worst Ever Healthcare Data Breaches Of 2019: Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we have seen healthcare data breaches expanding in both frequency and size, with the biggest one impacting as many as 20 million people.  The motives behind all those cyberattacks are quite transparent: hospitals, health...

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Worst Ever Healthcare Data Breaches Of 2019: Part 1

The healthcare industry was hit by challenges to information security in 2018, with phishing emails, and weaponized ransomware, dominating the year. In the first half of 2019, these threats are found to continue, and cyber criminals got more productive, despite...

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Healthcare Experiences The Highest Cost At $6.5M On Data Breaches

Healthcare data breaches happen now with an ever hefty price tag — an average mitigation cost of $6.45 million! According to a recent study on the data breach costs, organizations in the Healthcare domain were found to experience the costliest...

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