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Top Vulnerabilities Exploited By Cybercriminals

The year 2022 saw cybercriminals targeting unpatched, internet-facing systems and older software vulnerabilities. The criminals seem to have exploited the publicly available Proof of Concept (PoC) code. The success of such actors appears to be more in exploiting known vulnerabilities...

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Cybersecurity Risks Show an Increase for Cloud-based Apps

Cloud-based applications have brought convenience, speed, and a superior user experience, prompting many to use them frequently. Healthcare is one such sector where the penetration of such apps has seen a massive expansion. Also, with most companies in the healthcare...

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Why Are Australian Hospitals Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

Australian hospitals should hire the services of cybersecurity companies to ensure adherence to HIPAA security standards, and safeguard patients’ data.

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Why Are Cybersecurity Measures Critical for the Industry?

Secure your business and confidential data from unauthorized access by implementing ISO 27001 standards, incident response plan, and web application security.

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