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Why Zero Trust Is a Game Changer for Hybrid and Remote Work Environments?

The change in work style to hybrid and remote has greatly shifted the scene of present business. The advantages of flexibility and productivity cannot be disputed, but the task of securing a spread-out workforce and devices in different places brings...

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Adobe ColdFusion CVE-2023-26360 Exploited for Government Server Access

Adobe ColdFusion is a commercial application server designed for rapid web application development, utilising proprietary markup languages and integrating external components like databases. While ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) is used for development, the application itself is constructed using JAVA. In...

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What Is Super SA Data Hack? What Do We Know About It?

The casualness with which the SA data hack impacting thousands is taken in the official corridors of power can be judged by the response of South Australian treasurer Stephen Mullighan. He said, “It’s simply not good enough.” In the incident,...

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Donor Information from Multiple Charities Leaked onto the Dark Web

Cybercriminals are on the prowl. In April 2023, they hacked Pareto Phone, a Brisbane-based telemarketing company that contacts potential donors for charities. This hacking led to information about thousands of potential donors being leaked onto the dark web and affecting...

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How Can Businesses Prevent Web Application Access Control Abuse

Beware! Developers, designers, vendors, and end-user organisations using web applications. This is because web applications have been found to have vulnerabilities called IDOR, or Insecure Direct Object Reference. These are access control vulnerabilities that enable malicious actors to do a...

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Australian Bond Broker FIIG Securities Hacked – Russian Hackers Claim Responsibility

FIIG Securities, the Australian bond broker with $5 billion under advice and 6,000 Australian investors, has become the latest victim of the notorious Russian ransomware gang. This incident brought to the fore the role of IT security consulting in preventing...

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