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What Are the Top Cyber Threats Facing E-Commerce Sites?

Ecommerce sites have become a dime a dozen and need to provide a superior customer experience to sustain themselves in the highly competitive business landscape. Customers have taken to online shopping like there is no tomorrow, given its convenience. As...

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The Cascading Effects of a Ransomware Attack in New Zealand

Threats from ransomware are raising their ugly heads once in a while. They force individuals and businesses to cough up large sums of money to offset data loss. According to SonicWall, there had been 707 ransomware attempts on organisations in...

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What Are the Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023?

With cyber threats evolving and becoming more sophisticated, businesses need to rethink their cybersecurity strategies and make them more impactful. They cannot ignore the threats in the backdrop of the economic headwinds the world faces, and should remain committed to...

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Why Should the Healthcare Sector Worry About Cyber Threats?

To tackle the growing menace of ransomware and other types of attacks, organisations should take recourse to conduct a cybersecurity audit and identify the gaps.

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Why Are Australian Hospitals Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

Australian hospitals should hire the services of cybersecurity companies to ensure adherence to HIPAA security standards, and safeguard patients’ data.

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Australian Government Imposes Tougher Penalties for Data Breaches

Given the stiff laws enacted by the Australian government to prevent incidents of data breaches, enterprises must strengthen their cybersecurity infrastructure.

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