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Breaching Networks Using Data on Resold Corporate Routers

In an era when everything is supposedly connected digitally, can threat actors in the form of cybercriminals be far away? Remember, no digital device is useless for hackers, as they can pry it open to unearth data. Similar is the...

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How Will the Parliament Approved Privacy Penalty Bill Impact Companies?

The Australian business landscape witnessed several data breaches, such as those at Optus Telecom, Latitude Financial, and many others. These breaches were mainly the result of inadequate cybersecurity measures in these organisations. So, to safeguard customers’ interests and protect their...

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What Are the Top Cyber Threats Facing E-Commerce Sites?

Ecommerce sites have become a dime a dozen and need to provide a superior customer experience to sustain themselves in the highly competitive business landscape. Customers have taken to online shopping like there is no tomorrow, given its convenience. As...

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Cybersecurity Risks Show an Increase for Cloud-based Apps

Cloud-based applications have brought convenience, speed, and a superior user experience, prompting many to use them frequently. Healthcare is one such sector where the penetration of such apps has seen a massive expansion. Also, with most companies in the healthcare...

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Australian Government Imposes Tougher Penalties for Data Breaches

Given the stiff laws enacted by the Australian government to prevent incidents of data breaches, enterprises must strengthen their cybersecurity infrastructure.

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Australian Businesses Lack Robust Cybersecurity Measures

Australian businesses can conduct web application cybersecurity assessments to detect and remediate bugs or vulnerabilities in their web apps to deliver better UX.

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