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Most Dangerous Software Vulnerabilities – 2023 CWE

The spectre of cybercrime is spreading fast and has engulfed scores of businesses across industries and geography. The statistics are worrisome. In 2023 alone, about 33 billion accounts are expected to be breached. It means 97 cybercrime victims per hour...

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What Should CEOs Do to Secure Their Businesses from Cybercrime?

Top honchos at leading companies are ramping up defences around their IT infrastructure in view of the escalating cyber threats, either by hiring cybersecurity support services or by enhancing the capabilities of their in-house cybersecurity team. They are supposedly on...

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Breach of Australian Celebs’ Health Data and the Role of Cybersecurity

To tackle the growing menace of ransomware and other types of attacks, organisations should take recourse to conduct a cybersecurity audit and identify the gaps.

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A New Victim To Cybercrime Is Here!

Cyberattacks have been recognized as the most strategically significant threats faced by the world today. Governments, private corporations, non-profit organizations...no sector is immune from cyberattacks, and so is the financial industry, including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate...

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