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How Cyber Insurance Can Mitigate Cyber Risks

In today's digital age, cyber-attacks have become an unfortunate reality for businesses and individuals alike. The aftermath of a cyber-attack can be devastating, resulting in financial loss, reputational damage, and legal liability. Cyber insurance has emerged as a vital component...

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Top Small Business Cybersecurity Misconceptions That No One Will Tell You

Small businesses are at the core of America’s economy. Nearly half of the employees in this nation have jobs at places that employ less than 500 people, not even considering the 27 million owners of small businesses who work by...

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Top Cyber Threats Faced by Retailers and the Way to Fight Back

If you think that cybercriminals target only big corporations, think again. The retail sector, of late, has emerged as one of the biggest targets for hackers. The reasons are easy to guess. These include retailers handling a large cache of...

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What Are the Top Cyber Threats Facing E-Commerce Sites?

Ecommerce sites have become a dime a dozen and need to provide a superior customer experience to sustain themselves in the highly competitive business landscape. Customers have taken to online shopping like there is no tomorrow, given its convenience. As...

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The digital world offers organizations the potential for attaining a more extensive client base, use global suppliers and even conserve on admin or equipment costs. However, the world of cyber business can also bring a negative impact on the potential...

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How A Ransomware Attack Cost Norsk Hydro £45 Million 

What Is A Ransomware Ransomware, one of the increasing malware cyberthreat of the 21st century, endangers enterprises and public organizations throughout the world. An unusually destructive and evolving variety of malicious software, it affects mobile devices and computers, frequently expanding...

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