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Banking Industry Urged to Comply by Cyber Expert

In a recent development, a leading cybersecurity company CEO has emphasised the importance for banks and financial institutions to adhere to PCI SSC standards, as failure to do so heightens risks. CEO Ravin Prasad of Cybernetic Global Intelligence (CGI), a...

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How Inspiring Vacations Data Breach Affected 112,000 Travellers

Inspiring Vacations, a Melbourne-based travel operator, has suffered a huge blow after a significant data breach exposed the personal information of around 112,000 travellers. The hacked data contains sensitive information, such as high-resolution passport photos, travel visa certificates, itineraries, and...

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Adobe ColdFusion CVE-2023-26360 Exploited for Government Server Access

Adobe ColdFusion is a commercial application server designed for rapid web application development, utilising proprietary markup languages and integrating external components like databases. While ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) is used for development, the application itself is constructed using JAVA. In...

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Donor Information from Multiple Charities Leaked onto the Dark Web

Cybercriminals are on the prowl. In April 2023, they hacked Pareto Phone, a Brisbane-based telemarketing company that contacts potential donors for charities. This hacking led to information about thousands of potential donors being leaked onto the dark web and affecting...

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How to Prevent Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks

The advent of technology, especially of the digital kind, has made us more connected than ever and our lives fast and convenient. However, with digitization being embraced across organizations, domains, and geographies, cybercrime has reared its ugly head. It is...

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