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Worst Ever Healthcare Data Breaches Of 2019: Part 1

The healthcare industry was hit by challenges to information security in 2018, with phishing emails, and weaponized ransomware, dominating the year. In the first half of 2019, these threats are found to continue, and cyber criminals got more productive, despite...

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Healthcare Experiences The Highest Cost At $6.5M On Data Breaches

Healthcare data breaches happen now with an ever hefty price tag — an average mitigation cost of $6.45 million! According to a recent study on the data breach costs, organizations in the Healthcare domain were found to experience the costliest...

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How To Defend Your Business from Spear Phishing Email Attacks

One day, it happens: an unauthorized email shows up, followed by a surge of sale offers, and then an uncontrollable rush of bank transaction requests into your inbox. Right at that moment, the fight for your sanity starts! Cybercriminals are...

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