ISO 27001: Security In Securing Business Information

Implementation of ISO27001 and benefits for Organisations?


Implementing a standard such as ISO 27001, one needs to understand this needs to be taking into account the implementation of ISO27001 needs to be treated similarly to any other major IT project. There is simply no easy fast-track or solution when implementing ISO27001 standard. The following key points need to be considered when Implementing ISO27001 Standards:

1. Management support is Key: management support is key for ISO 27001 implementation. Without this support, implementing the quality (or any standard for that matter) would be doomed from the beginning. Management should ensure that there are enough resources available to manage, develop, maintain and implement the ISMS.

2. Scope Definition: one must clearly define the scope and consider whether the whole or part of the organization should be covered. The scope must take into account can this be managed to avoid increasing any further risk to the project.

3. Defining Critical Risk and performing Assessment: this is the most crucial stage of the project. Organizations need the ability to identify the vulnerabilities and threats that may have a severe impact on their specific business, the ability to define the acceptable level of risk. If these are not clearly defined from the outset of ISO27001 implementation, the resulting processes will also be incorrect. The key focus for organizations when implementing ISO27001 Standards is to be able to get a comprehensive picture of the dangers facing the security of the organization’s information.

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