SCADA Security

SCADA Security


SCADA systems often have a lifespan of decades, which means whatever original security measures they have been developed alongside are severely outdated. Given the often critical nature of SCADA system reliability, it is paramount such systems stay secure. Over the past decade, SCADA systems have become integrated with more recent technology and internet access, providing great utility, but also additional vectors for these devices to be compromised.

Due to the minimal tolerance SCADA systems have for latency in their communications, scanning for network vulnerability and holes in cybersecurity is a necessity to ensure your business is safe from attack. Cybernetic GI works with many businesses to help them meet challenging monitoring and control requirements. As regulation around reliability and security of services is increasing, a robust yet cost-effective analysis of your SCADA system is essential to meet the demands placed on your business. Our SCADA specialists will identify any potential gaps and weaknesses in your business’ existing defences, technologies, information handling processes, user practices and other critical areas, and help you determine the most cost-effective actions to mitigate these potentially hazardous security threats.

Compliance in ICS-CERT, DoE, DHS, NIST SP 800-53 Rev 4, National ICS Security Standard, and more

Protect mission-critical systems and reduce risk and liability


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