Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services Benefits


Rapid Response Unit: Our MSS services will provide you with a Rapid Response Team that will launch into action should there ever be a breach in your network. They will work quickly to identify how and where the breach started and actively prevent the attacker from going further. As a dedicated part of our SOC, they will also work with you to retrieve lost data and to fix the vulnerability to prevent future exploitation.

Highly trained IT experts: Our Security Operations Center is made up of experienced security consultants, all highly trained, and holding relevant certifications such as GCIA and GCFA. Armed with industry-leading tools as well as in-house applications and expertise specific to the management of security for medium-to-large enterprises.

Live MSS Client Dashboard: Intelligence is king when it comes to the finer details of your IT Security. Have ready access to live data is crucial for managing and planning your IT infrastructure, evaluating the efficiency of new technology, and minimising both internal and external risks.

Cost Effective: Our MSS comes with no hidden costs and is fully customisable to the degree of security you need. We are also vendor-neutral, meaning we can work with your existing systems and do not require you to change any of the hardware or software you currently use.

Monitor suspicious behaviour of both internal and external users and black access

Minimise the costs of business disruption, loss of data, and potential legal implications

MSS will help you streamline compliance and make it easy to follow current and future regulations



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