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April 10, 2016


Graphic design, networking


Managed Security Services

Cyber security goes beyond traditional antivirus and malware protection. In today’s threat landscape these practices are not enough to protect your business from sophisticated cyber threats. Our Managed Security Services (MSS) provide 24/7/365 cyber security to ensure your network is safe no matter the time of day. Regardless of the various IT Security measures you may have in place, you don’t know if your network has been breached and how far an attacker has infiltrated your network. Managed Security Services (MSS) provide live monitoring of your system, detecting any attacks or other threats such as malware and virus infiltration. Our IT Security experts, who possess both GCIA and GCFA certifications, detect the threat, analyse the incident, and launch counter measures to prevent the attack going any further. They can even detect an attack before it has been successful, acting as a virtual guard dog for network.