2020 Cybersecurity Trends: Technology Is Smarter – But Are We? (Part 1)


The tumultuous 2019 has wrapped up, and we have stepped into a New Year with lots of hopes and expectations…

Looking back to the previous year, we can see a large number of data breaches that drove an increasing recognition of the essential nature of cybersecurity, and the successful adoption of promising technologies. Even if the awareness for IT security is on the rise, it does not actually mean that we should breathe a sigh of relief now.

Every New Year brings brand-new threats and risks; 2020 will definitely be no different from this. As we are on the starting phase of the year, this is the right time to shed light on the existing security landscape and what trends can we expect in the upcoming year. 

  • More Complicated BreachesMore-Complicated-Breaches

As the new year is here, with almost 10,800 security breaches occurred within the last nine years, one question remains:

How can organizations stop data breaches from happening?

While infringement is supposedly inevitable, we should not certainly throw in the towel. Prioritizing breach prevention and response, and taking it to the subsequent level, is of greater importance.

From the expertise of assisting hundreds of firms, navigate breaches, we will share a few additional steps, which you may take ahead of time to design a more reliable security poster and smoother response if a data breach happens:

  1. Invest in training your employees on cybersecurity to shore up cyber defences.
  2. Keep up on the latest cybersecurity threats.
  3. Secure your agreements with external partners such as legal specialists to keep yourself at-the-ready if a breach occurs.
  4. Follow new privacy legislation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Extended Cybersecurity Skill GapExtended-Cybersecurity-Skill-Gap

Sound security always relies on the human element.

As we consider 2020 cybersecurity trends, perhaps the skill gap is one of the other most prominent threats. In early 2019, as per a study conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group, around 53 per cent of the surveyed businesses reported a problematical lack of cybersecurity skills within their teams. And as of now, no information has arrived, to indicate that this situation is going to improve anytime soon.

What enterprises can do to ensure that they don’t continue fighting with one hand tied behind back, is to get more people signed up for cybersecurity roles, and invest in training their existing security staff in advanced security skills. 

  • Cloud Security To Be A Top PriorityCloud-Security-To-Be-A-Top-Priority

In the past year, cloud misconfigurations and the absence of sufficient data security policies, has resulted in several breach incidents, including the massive breach happened by Capital One customer data hosted with Amazon Web Services.

Yes, cloud providers are executing stronger security controls, but predictions from different cybersecurity experts indicate that “the most advanced, however, the potentially disastrous cloud attacks will occur at machine speed in 2020”.

So, organizations require to stay focused on implementing Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) to administer proper security policies. Integrating CASBs with firewalls and other on-premises security devices can also notably bolster information security. 

  • Automation – The Next Big StepAutomation The-Next-Big-Step

Businesses of all sizes are invariably seeking better ways to enhance effectiveness in all domains of their organization. One of the best ways to have that is to integrate cybersecurity automation into their daily operations. 

As an instance, the vulnerability management products are configured by most firms to automatically scan and assess devices on an organization network, based upon a set of cybersecurity controls authorized by the enterprise. Once it is done with the assessment, the identified defects are remediated. 

  • Enhanced Cybersecurity AwarenessEnhanced-Cybersecurity-Awareness

Having come to terms with the truth that cybersecurity incidents are now not factors of “IF,” but rather “WHEN”, businesses are making high-tech IT security their top priority. 

As per predictions from IT experts for the new year, we may expect to see even more complicated cyberattacks, while being much harder to defend against. 

So, it’s important that you allocate your security budget smartly by focusing on the final goals—whether that be safeguarding intellectual property, evading network outages, or preserving your client data. Also, remember to maintain a proper incident response plan that will address all issues that can threaten to interrupt your daily business operations.

 Cybersecurity For 2020

In retrospect, we have provided FIVE of our top TEN trends for cybersecurity challenges in 2020 and given our recommendations for improvement actions. But need not race; wait for Part 2 of this article, which will include five more cybersecurity trends, and then make well-informed business decisions based on both of these to minimize the negative impacts of cyber frauds and expensive data breaches.

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