The Growing Number of Cyber Attacks Damaging Critical National Infrastructure


The ongoing incompetency to progress with significant knowledge of purpose or necessity in the face of digital threats posed by cybercriminals and hackers puts critical national infrastructure at unnecessary risk from cyber attacks. These increasing number of cyber attacks in recent years has taken its toll on key infrastructure all around the globe and made multinational companies vulnerable to threats and hackers. Recent studies show, nine in ten critical infrastructure providers have encountered cyber attacks which have rendered their valuable systems out of action in the past couple of years.

Studies Show Cyber Attack As The Biggest National Security Threat

One of the fundamental vulnerabilities highlighted in the study was the convergence of the hardware and software that monitors physical infrastructure and information technology. The widespread use of sensor technologies in organizations has opened up several possibilities for hackers to obtain access to their data and file, making these breaches all the more sophisticated.


For the executives in cybersecurity, cyber threats and risks are an increasing issue, with the recent attacks against the government and the commercial sectors, cyber threats have worsened and might potentially lead to a cyber war. However, beyond these cybersecurity executives, perception of the risks diversifies depending on the industry. Therefore, understanding the degree of risk for each of these industries is paramount and challenging to perceive. Cyber experts help in identifying and providing alerts for the threats a business might face and can fill the cybersecurity gaps for businesses efficiently.


recover cyber threatsIt is essential to fully understand the interdependency of infrastructure systems nationwide and implement a collective approach to prevent, mitigate, protect and respond to these cyber threats.

  • Always have preventive measures ordained before a threat, assume attacks will be made. Prepare with the right people, processes and technology, or risk long-term damage
  • Apprehend that the attacks will not stop. Many organizations are now successfully attacked several times a year by hackers and cyber threats.
  • Keep your employees updated on cyber threats and how to avoid them. A large attack may succeed because just one employee clicks on a phishing email.
  • Share intelligence with organizations that help in cybersecurity. National cyber-defense organizations often help business prevent cyber attacks by providing a better approach against threats.

Nowadays, we frequently depend on technology as the fortitude of our civilization, therefore it is essential that we ensure our critical infrastructure is constructed upon a robust architecture that is not only secure but resistant. If you’d like a more advanced and reassuring measure to implement for the safety of your infrastructure against cyber threats, organizations such as CGI can help you adopt a security-first approach, which can be essential for an uncertain future.

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