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•. Cybernetic Global Intelligence CISO will help you to familiarise yourself with the requirements for GDPR and CGI CISO can help you with GDPR compliance advice to ensure you have an in-depth understanding of these requirements for your organization.

•. CGI Cyber GDPR security team can evaluate your business and organizational structures and advise on the measures required relating to handling and collection of personal data.

Our GDPR Cyber Experts can provide you with all the support required for your business with the following services to ensure your business meets the following requirements for APP & GDPR regulations.

•. Compliance with Privacy Act APP and GDPR regulations for EU.

•. Conduct Privacy Gap & Impact Analysis.

•. Review Privacy Policies in ensuring they are compliant with APP and GDPR regulations for PII data storage.

•. Compliant with Data breach response and reporting capabilities as per the APP and GDPR regulations.

•. Effectiveness of response teams within your organization should a Breach occur within your Organization.

•. Reviewing current Policies and Frameworks in ensuring they are aligned with the requirements for APP & EU GDPR.

Cybernetic Global Intelligence GDPR cyber experts are at the very top of their field when it comes to APP and GDPR Compliance. Our cybersecurity experts have an in-depth understanding of APP & GDPR regulations and implementation requirements to ensure companies are compliant to APP and GDPR regulations.

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